Wednesday, 18 June 2008


This picture is of the first bus ever used in Hemel and it was used in the early 1890's

The Marlowes has undergone a few changes as you can see from these photo's.

The first picture from 1906 is of a Very early bus with public baths/waterworks on the left. The roof of the Baptist Church can be seen on the right.

This picture is from 1966 the bridge spanning the main shopping street it was an ideal way when Marlowes was open to traffic for pedestrians to cross from one side to the other under cover, it lead on the right hand side to the popular Wimpy Bar, but it never really caught on and was demolished as Marlowes was pedestrianised and the Marlowes Centre built.

An now present day marlowes all pedestrianised with the market stalls running down the middle and an indoor shopping mall with a number of cafe's and bars.

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